American Legion Post 136-Greenbelt, Maryland
American Legion Post 136 Members-Greenbelt, Maryland

Post 136 has a membership of about 1700 members. We have a full-service kitchen, bar, game room, dining room, and banquet hall that seats 250 when we squeeze a little. We serve home cooked dinners Wednesday through Sunday nights, breakfast on Sunday morning, and lunches Wednesday through Friday. Take a look at our current month's menu. We are conveniently located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area - view a map and directions. "We enjoy meeting fellow Legionnaires."

2015 - 2016 OFFICERS

1st Vice Commander:
2nd Vice Commander:


Judge Advocate:
Sgt. At Arms:
Finance Officer:
Executive Committee:


Mike Moore
Ed Young
Howard Fred Mooney

Dennis Mike Duggan

Sam Hofberg
John Hill
Bernard A. Zempolich
Blain "Tom" Davis
Doreen Clower
Paul Durance
Dick Dutton
Butch Hicks
Jay Mayock

American Legion Post 136 Programs-Greenbelt, Maryland

Our Post has a General Meeting once a month officiated by Post Commander, Mike Moore. We talk about the issues concerning our Post, membership, children and youth, veterans issues and community service. We find out what needs to be done, and how we can help. The bar is open every day and the banquet hall is in use most nights. Renting the hall to private parties is a fundraiser, along with holding dinners and dances (and everyone gets a chance to get down and boogie). Friday night dinners, Monday night football, and more... all help to raise enough funds to enable the Post to fund our programs.


That's the business side of the Post. We also have a number of local programs:


  • We send at least five local high school boys to Boys State each year. There they learn more about America and the way government impacts on their lives.
  • We hold our Oratorical Contest where high school students speak on the Constitution (and earn a few bucks).
  • We hold a community Easter Egg Hunt each year in the Spring.
  • We sponsor our District Champs baseball team made up of local high schoolers. Go Team!!!


Many other non-profit organizations use our Post for meetings too, at no charge. We have other programs and functions; you'll just have to come on out to see. We do whatever it takes to help!!


Our Post Newsletter is sent out monthly to our members to keep them abreast of our activities, menu selection, veteran's issues, etc.


Come on out and join us and get to know our members as we enjoy meeting new folks, as well as getting to know our own members better.

American Legion Post 136 Americanism-Greenbelt, Maryland

We believe in America and what it stands for. "What We Do" is done so that we have the means to support the programs that help America stay strong. It takes some work, time and dedication to do what we do, but those who help get a genuine feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in doing something helpful for the community.


There is a second reason for volunteering here. It's called comradeship. When we help someone in need, and do it as a group, we become part of that group. Our Post has a great group of members, and we work hand-in-hand with the Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion (SAL). When they put on a program, you'll see Legionaires working along side of them. When the Post needs help, the Auxiliary and SAL are also there. You become more than friends, you become part of the Legion family, and that is a nice feeling!

American Legion Post 136 Join-Greenbelt, Maryland

If what you've just read "hits home", then YES, you should belong. You can join our Post and do nothing else, the membership in itself is a great help, or you can join and become active. If you would rather join a Post in your area, we'll be glad to help you find it. Help us help America, join the American Legion!


To become an American Legion member you must have served in one of the United States Armed Forces branches during a time of conflict which is determined by U.S. Congress. We are the largest veterans organization in the world and have a National Organization covering all of the States and Territories. We have a Department of Maryland organization which is headquartered in Baltimore, and a Southern District which sets priorities for the counties in our region.


There are approximately 16,000 American Legion Posts scattered around the world. If you are interested and want to find out more about the American Legion, look in your local phone book and you'll find one in your area. We are all races, all religions, male and female. We are simply Americans that served our country (and still love it). Find out if you are eligible and how to join us!

American Legion Post 136 Join-Greenbelt, Maryland

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American Legion Post 136-Greenbelt, Maryland

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