What We Do

Our Post has a Members General Meeting once a month officiated by the Post Commander. We talk about the issues concerning our Post, membership, youth, veterans issues and community service. We find out what needs to be done, and how we can help. The member's bar is open every day and the banquet hall is in use most nights and weekends. Renting the hall to private parties is a fundraiser, along with holding dinners and dances (where everyone gets a chance to get down and boogie). Friday night dinners, Monday night football, and more... all help to raise enough funds to enable the Post to fund our programs and activities.

That's the business side of the Post. We also have a number of local programs and activities, such as the following:

Many other non-profit organizations use our Post facilities for meetings too, at no charge. Please come out and visit us. We do whatever it takes to help!!

Our Post newsletter the Contact is sent out every two monthts to the members of our Legion Family to keep them informed of our activities, events, veteran's issues, etc.