About Us

In this world of ours, the American Legion Auxiliary shines as an example of unselfish giving. With almost a million members from all walks of life, the Auxiliary administers hundreds of volunteer programs, gives tens of thousands of hours to our communities and veterans, and raises millions of dollars to support our own programs - this is all accomplished with volunteers! The Auxiliary is much more than the name implies as we have achieved our own unique identity while working side-by-side with the veterans who belong to the American Legion. Like the Legion, the Auxiliary's interests have broadened to encompass the entire community.

Through our more than, 8000 units located in every state and some foreign countries, the Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. We are as solidly behind America today as we were when the Auxiliary was founded in 1920. In 1919, at the very first National Convention of The American Legion, it was agreed that the organization's purpose could not be properly served without the aid and dedication of each member's family. Membership in the Auxiliary is open to Legionnaires' grandmothers, mothers, sisters, spouses and direct and adopted female descendants. Today, we are recognized as the most influential patriotic women's organization in the world, but our success has not changed our purpose. We join hands with The American Legion to serve God and Country as a family and that bond will never be broken.